About Us

Vyron Electric Bikes is an Australian owned and operated company. We design and manufacture all our own Ebikes and then sell direct to you. There are no wholesalers, retailers or importers that need to add to the cost. This way we can keep our prices to a minimum and provide you with the best value and best looking ebikes in the market.

So why are we doing this??

We believe that electric bikes will make your life better.

So how is this?


  1. More Ebikes means you will drive less
  2. Less driving means less pollutants in our atmosphere
  3. Less pollutants means a cleaner environment
  4. A cleaner environment means our kids may have a better future


  1. An ebike may mean you ride to work or do the shopping
  2. This means less dollars spent on fuel, maintenance, tolls, parking or public transport
  3. That extra money may mean you can now go on an awesome holiday
  4. That holiday with friends or family may mean life long memories and stories


  1. In many cases the commute on an ebike will be quicker than doing it in a car
  2. Don’t have time to go to the gym? Now you don’t need to.
  3. Need some “ME time” but don’t have time? Your riding time will be just that.
  4. This then means more time to do the things you really love


  1. Riding an ebike burns all more calories than sitting in a car.
  2. Improved physical heath has proven to improve mental health.
  3. Want to live a longer, healthier life?


1. Last but not least Ebikes are a lot of “FUN!”

2. Would you like more Fun in your life? Then take an ebike for ride

3. No need to motivate yourself to go for a ride anymore because you’ll be looking forward

to it.


All bikes are backed up by a minimum 1 year warranty and our aftercare service is always a priority.

While we have an online presence we pride ourselves on providing a personalised service, so if you have any questions at all or would like to take a bike for a test ride please call or email us.