Can your electric bikes be legally riden on the road?

Yes, all our bikes are manufactured to EN15194 which ensures they have a maximum motor capacity of 250 watts and a maximum speed of 25km/h. If ebikes are more than these specifications they can only be legally ridden on private property otherwise you can get fined. These over powered ebikes can also pose a threat to the public as their speeds can be well above the required 25km/h. 

Do your bikes require a license or registration?

No, as they are manufactured to the required standard they are considered a normal bicycle and therefore can be legally ridden wherever a standard bike is allowed.

Can I test ride before I buy?

Of course and we encourage it. Everyone is welcome to visit our shop in Brunswick where we stock all our models. Just call or email us and we can organise a time that is convenient for you.

What is the right model for me?

This all depends on your situation. What and when do you plan to use it? Is it for commuting to work everyday, transport for when you are touring the country in your caravan or just an alternative to driving everywhere. Give us a call or email and we will suggest a few options.

Can I remove the battery?

Yes, all batteries can be removed from the bike to enable charging inside. They are also lockable. 

How does the pedal assist function work?

On the display there will be between 3-9 pedal assist levels you can chose from. Once you begin pedalling the motor will automatically kick-in. The higher the number the faster the motor will propel you (up to 25km/h). 

How much is freight?

Cost for delivery to capital cities along the east coast is $64.95. Please contact us for freight cost to other areas. We only charge at our cost. Pick up is available from our Brunswick store where bikes are fully assembled.. 

How far can I go on one charge?

This all depends on your weight, terrain, gradient, Pedal Assist level and how you are riding it but our bikes generally they have a range of 40-80km. Please see individual ebike specifications for range.

Is battery quality important?

Absolutely. All our ebikes include either a LG or Samsung lithium-ion battery. Priced at $450-$700 each you don't want to be replacing them too often. 

How long will it take for my bike to arrive?

Most deliveries will take 5-7 days for delivery (from date of purchase). We will send you an email with your Estimated Time of Arrival. Some make take longer than this due to location or specifications. We will always endeavour to deliver as soon as possible.

How do I get the most out of my battery?

We recommending you recharge it once it is on 2-3 bars. It is preferable that it isn't regulary completely discharged. If it isnt being used regularly, it should be charged at least every 2 months.

Will this help our planet?

Yes. As per the EPA (2014) a new light vehicle in Australia will release on average 188 grams/km of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Based on 15,000km per year we will emit 2.8 tonnes of CO2 per year. So everytime you decide to jump on your ebike instead of the car you are doing your bit for the environment and our future.

Will this help me get fitter, loose weight and feel better??

Yes, riding an ebike requires more effort than driving a car. You will still need to generally pedal and hence you will burn off more calories and feel stronger, faster than if only driving a car. The endorphins you will experience from riding a bike can make you feel happier and mentally stronger.

What should I do with all this extra money I've saved?

Most ebikes riders begin to realise how much they were spending on public transport, tolls, fuel, parking. My suggestion is to either save it or spend it on those things/people you value most.

Is there now 25 hours in the day?

No, nothing has changed. Its just that you are being more productive. No need to go to the gym to get fit, no waiting around for delayed trains and no traffic jams. This means more time doing the things you'd prefer to be doing.

What is ebikeritis?

This is a condition that many ebike riders contract when they purchase their first ebike. It usually starts with riding to the shops or picking up the kids from school. Then it spreads and you begin thinking you could actually ride to work. By this stage you can see your toes again and/or starting to feel the effects of weight loss and increased strength. The next stage shows itself when you begin considering replacing every trip/commute with a ride. This is not a bad thing.




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